The MyCornell service retired as of July 9, 2014.

We're sorry! myCornell is no longer available.

This sorry page will only be available until December 2014. Update your browser's bookmarks now, if you are interested in retaining any of the following links.

On July 9, was retired, due to an imbalance between low usage and overall support costs. During 2014, several notifications about the retirement were provided, including news items and direct emails to all IT staff and anyone who has signed in to myCornell in the past 6 months. See most recent IT News notification.

Department content previously stored on myCornell tabs:

Previous myCornell Tab Where info lives now...
Admin New admin tools page-
See "Quick Links and Reference" on the Admission Operations site-
Human Ecology website-
CIT Intranet-
IT Community and CIO-
IT News-
Employee Resources
Faculty See "Quick Links" at the Teaching & Research website:
IT Resources
SAS-UBSC SAS-BSC intranet (forms, links and other information related to business services) -
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Student and Academic Services info -
Student Resources Cornell info for students -
Search for answers at AskEzra -